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iBackup Hosting

Visit: iBackup

IBackupĀ® - Online Backup for Small Business
IBackup - Small Business Online Backup is the industry-leading solution for multi-platform backup including databases
iBackup is a United States web host that has been in operation since 2007. iBackup support can be reached via a 24-hour call center on a toll free number. Also, there is email support and an online request form. iBackup is a company that focuses on backup hosting packages. The company is located in United States.

Why to choose Ibackup.com site?

First and foremost, it must be very clearly stated that the service is slightly more expensive than the other sites of this kind, but there is a very justifiable reason for this. But, you can be sure that you are getting more for your money as this site offers you the very best in online storage and backup.

The site has a whole host of products that are capable of satisfying the needs of business as well as home users. The site now has to-date, backed up more than 70 million contacts.

Features of ibackup.com

  • You can schedule backups whenever you wish
  • The security of the site is just awesome and it covers the needs of business as well as home users.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption is used to upload all files
  • Files that are stored in your storage space are encrypted by making use of 256-bit AES.
  • The site even offers remote access and PCs as well as Macs can be accessed via mobile devices.
  • iPhone application available
  • In order for you to split up your usage, it is possible for you to create sub-accounts
  • To save your bandwidth, only the changes to your files are uploaded
  • You have fill control over the amount of bandwidth that you want to use
  • You can Map your IBackup drive as a network drive
  • Because of the features of IBackup’s Drive, you can very easily setup an online drive to appear as a local drive
  • Potential to maintain 15 versions of individual files
  • You get one of the very fastest backup speeds available

Plans and costs

The site has plans that support unlimited PCs as well as Macs. Plans start at $99.50 per year 10 GB and move upward to $2999.50 per year for 300 GB. Subaccounts can be created, but these would share the same storage space and they cost $5.00 per month, per account.

About ibackup.com

In the late 90s, the company was launched as a software consulting company. The services of the company were taken by none less than Fortune 500 companies. But as a result of the immense rise in the popularity of the World Wide Web and as a result of the many opportunities that were spawned because of it, the company decided to shift their business focus.

As a result, the company became a Web Based Online Backup service provider, with the aim being to become the best Online Backup, Storage, Sync and Remote Access service provider in the world, for home users as well as business users.

Why should you give it a go?

An interface that is extremely user friendly, backups that can be scheduled when you want to, safety and effectively storing your data online, even though you are paying a little bit extra, it is well worth it knowing that you are paying ibackup.com to go that extra mile to take care of all your data.


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